About DPC


What is Direct Primary Care?

  • It is an alternative model for primary care that recreates the fundamental partnership between patient and physician in order to enhance access, improve quality of care and reduce cost.

  • In this model, primary care services are offered at affordable prices via a direct flat monthly fee paid by the patient or their employer.

  • Increased access is obtained through a more reasonable number of patients per provider, responsive scheduling and more direct communication with your physician.

  • Improved health outcomes and patient experience are achieved from the investment in the partnership between you and your physician.

What it's not:

  • Direct primary care is not an insurance program or policy -- it is primary medical care.

  • Direct primary care is not encumbered by standard billing, insurance authorizations, third-party payers, or other organizations that impede care. It is direct care.

  • It is not concierge care. Costs of care are comparable to the current fee-for-service model, but improved access provides better utilization of more expensive resources, such as reducing repetitive tests, radiology studies, and emergency department utilization.

  • It is not a substitute for insurance. Insurance is still needed for serious medical problems and for coverage for complex care. Direct primary care exists along side of major medical insurance, which may be needed for protection in case of accidents and serious illnesses.