What We Do


What We Do:

Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care is committed to creating an enduring doctor-patient relationship by providing more time for detailed discussions with patients, resulting in better long-term health, better treatment decisions, and better overall well-being for patients and their families. Care is provided under a monthly fee based on age.

  • Appointments are set at 30 to 60-minute increments to ensure unhurried visits and adequate time to address patient concerns and medical decision-making.

  • Services including chronic care management, annual wellness exams, acute visits, routine gynecological exams, and some procedures such as cryotherapy, electrocardiograms, and spirometry are also included in the monthly fee.

  • Email, phone, and after-hours access to your physicians is provided and included with the monthly fee.

  • Collaboration with community providers and specialty care.

  • Hospitalization from your own continuity team -- not hospitalists -- is also provided. Hospital admission and follow-up visits, including post-hospitalization skilled nursing care, are provided for an additional nominal fee. (See our fees above).

  • A HIPPA-compliant Texting platform is available that allows you to ask questions, send pictures, make appointments with your care team.

  • A HIPPA-compliant patient portal is provided through our electronic medical record to allow you to see your care plans, diagnoses and current medication lists with web access to your physicians.

We believe that transparency with pricing helps you to make your own medical and financial decisions. Patients have the right to clear pricing, with access and availability of services provided by the practice, not just what is dictated by their insurance status.

The fee-for-service incentives and insurance-based care that presently distorts our health care decision making are eliminated with the Direct Primary Care model. The DPC model rewards time and relationships over volume and other financial incentives that influence the care decisions in the current poorly functioning model. The DPC model also allows us the time to help better coordinate your care and provide guidance through the parallel silos of medical care that make up the current medical system.

Direct primary care is a model committed to better quality of care, better patient satisfaction, and improved outcomes with reduced overall cost. Join us as we develop and implement this new innovative model.