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A trip to the hospital can bring anxiety and uncertainty. We believe that having your doctor at the bedside is essential to receiving optimal care in the hospital setting. As family physicians, we are knowledgeable and experienced in the care of hospitalized patients. We are committed to the continuity of your care -- we will attend to you during your hospital stay, and ensure appropriate plans are carried out upon discharge. In addition to providing direct care to you, we will coordinate any specialty care you need, and serve the critical role of advocate for you and your family during your hospitalization. We are on active staff at Dominican Hospital where we have held prominent roles on the Family Medicine hospital service.

Hospital Care

What are the benefits of supportive hospital care?

Hospitalization can bring up many fears and concerns, both for the patient and their family. You might be worried about recovery, illness, and cost. Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care provides you the support you need to feel informed about your condition or procedure.

You’re in good hands with the Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care team, who provide compassion and skill when it comes to overseeing a hospital visit. You can feel confident in your preparation, admission process, in-hospital care, and release.

You don’t always get to choose when you need hospital care. Pre-arranged procedures give you the time to prepare, but oftentimes, hospitalization occurs due to an emergency. Regardless of why you’re admitted, the team at Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care is available to support you.

What is involved in hospital care?

Of course, your experience at the hospital depends on the reason for your visit. The team at Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care is transparent about what you should expect from your treatment there.

Hospitalization is overseen by your own continuity team, rather than hospitalists who aren’t usually involved in your health care. Your provider stays in direct contact and collaborates with the providers of specialty care while you’re in the hospital. 

Hospital admission and follow-up visits, including post-hospitalization skilled nursing care follow-up, are provided for a small fee in addition to your regular direct primary care dues. 

The team at Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care is completely upfront about these nominal costs so you aren’t surprised by unaffordable expenses while trying to heal.

To learn more about Hospital Care at Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care, please call or schedule a meet-and-greet visit today.