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    1. Dr. Adam Yarme is an exceptional physician and human being.

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    1. This practice is nothing short of stellar.

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    1. Dr. Yarme's bedside manner is so very pleasant and reassuring and he is ever thoughtful

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    1. We have been so impressed with Dr. Yarme's bedside manner, expertise and coordination

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    We are presently offering Telehealth for our membership through the Spruce App. Please call our office to schedule your virtual consultation today. We are still seeing patients in-person on an urgent basis by appointment only.



Welcome to Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care

We founded Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care to provide a simpler model of healthcare to deliver what matters most to you – excellent care, personalized service, access when you need it, and affordability. 

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative model of primary care, and part of an emerging social movement in medicine.  DPC returns value to the patient-doctor relationship by limiting third-party intrusions, and replaces the complex, costly billing system with a straightforward, low monthly fee. We are proud to bring Direct Primary Care to Santa Cruz, California. 

With unhurried visits, typically 30-60 minutes, we are able to explore your concerns and anticipate your health care needs. Unrestricted visits enable you to see us as often as you need – and as frequently as we need – to completely manage your care. As full-scope and fully-engaged family physicians, we attend to all aspects of your care including the management of chronic diseases, acute care, pediatric and geriatric care, women’s health, hospital medicine, prevention, and wellness. In addition, we offer a host of in-office procedures. All for one monthly fee. Simple and direct. 

We believe that a revitalized patient-doctor relationship is essential to good medical care and a necessity for fixing our broken healthcare system. Our mission at Santa Cruz Direct Primary Care is to revitalize the doctor-patient relationship and return this key partnership back to the center of healthcare where it belongs.

Please join us in a partnership to find a healthier you!

Jeannine Rodems, MD, and Adam Yarme, MD

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An innovative model of healthcare that puts the caring back into medicine.


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